Wednesday, 18 July 2007

TEAMORIGIN - GBR75's Maiden Voyage - Gallery

Saturday July 14th 2007 saw an event of great significance to Great Britain's bid to compete in the 33rd & 34th America's Cup - the maiden voyage (under TEAMORIGIN ownership) of its first vessel. The Afterguard presents a gallery of images depicting the event.

Updated 24/8/07: Images 29a, 29b, 29c.

Inset image: Photo 1 © Carlo Borlenghi/

The Afterguard is extremely grateful to the talented photographers who have consented to us providing this spectacular gallery of images depicting the maiden voyage.

GBR75's Bow Scythes The Waters Off Port America
GBR-75 Bow
Photo 2 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 3 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 4 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Proud & Unmistakably British
Photo 5 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 6 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Bearing Down
Photo 7 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 8 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 9 © Carlo Borlenghi/

GBR75 In All Her Glory
Photo 10 © Nico Martinez

Photo 10b © Nico Martinez

Photo 11 © Nico Martinez

Photo 11b © Nico Martinez

Photo 11c © Nico Martinez

Photo 11d © Nico Martinez

Photo 12 ©

Photo 13 ©

During Saturday's shakedown, GBR75 was joined by a replica of 'America'
- the first winner back in 1851 and after whom the cup is named.

Photo 14 ©

Photo 15 ©

Photo 16 ©

America & GBR75
Photo 17 ©

Photo 18 ©

Photo 18b © Nico Martinez

Photo 18c © Nico Martinez

Photo 19 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 20 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 21 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 22 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 23 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 24 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 25 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 26 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 26b © ACM 2007/Photo:Carlo Borlenghi - courtesy of TEAMORIGIN

Photo 27 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 28 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 29 © Carlo Borlenghi/

Photo 29A © ACM 2007/Photo:Carlo Borlenghi - courtesy of TEAMORIGIN

Photo 29B © ACM 2007/Photo:Carlo Borlenghi - courtesy of TEAMORIGIN

Photo 29C © ACM 2007/Photo:Carlo Borlenghi - courtesy of TEAMORIGIN

GBR75 (left) from the Shore
Photo 30 © freshwater2006

We'd like once again to thank Heike Schwab, Nico Martinez, Carlo Borlenghi & the team at Kos Pictures, and of course TEAMORIGIN and Pitch PR for their kindness and assistance in bringing this collection of images together. We'd also like to acknowledge Valencia Sailing for breaking the news of GBR75's voyage and for bringing the first images to public attention.

If you know of or have other images of GBR75's maiden voyage which might contribute to this gallery, please contact The Afterguard by email at theafterguard[at]gmail[dot]com. We'll update this post, revising the date, rather than introducing new posts, so do check back.

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