Thursday, 20 September 2007

33rd America's Cup Legal Dispute - ACM Publishes Legal Documents

As is so often the case, what one hand giveth, the other taketh away...

In a move clearly designed to express confidence in their legal case, ACM have today published several documents via their website (Here) today.

These documents may also be downloaded from the links below:

Memorandum of Law in opposition to Preliminary Injunction

Affidavit - Miquel Terrassa

Affidavit - Hamish Ross

We doubt the timing, coinciding as it does with Alinghi's gesture of goodwill towards GGYC, is accidental. It's typical 'good cop, bad cop', designed to bare teeth in the event anyone suspects the protocol revision expresses weakness.

It's The Afterguard's hope that GGYC & BMW Team Oracle will have anticipated such contradictory actions, will disregard acts of aggression and will seize the opportunity to get the 33rd America's Cup back on track.

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