Monday, 6 August 2007

Hodara's Uncompromising Tone Over 33rd Protocol

France 24 carry an AFP story containing defiant statements from ACM's COO, Michel Hodara.

Hodara says of the 33rd Protocol:

"We have no intention of going back (on decisions that have been taken)", but indicated some detail might be "fine-tuned" over the coming weeks.

Boat-change content "has been thought about for a long time and many are convinced that you must change to have a more exciting event".

Of challenges to the Protocol: "It is a shame that people could think that things would not be carried out in a fair and just way".

Of Luna Rossa's decision not to participate: "a pity".

AFP added that "The (Mascalzone) compromise solution was rejected by Hodara, who said the teams which take part in the 2009 Cup would get information on the characteristics of the new boats from September 15, ahead of an October 31 deadline."

Nothing we didn't already know, except that ACM want all wavering challengers signed up by September 15th. For most, the decision to join shouldn't be too difficult (if they wish to exist, they need to hop on board before the boat leaves) - but for Oracle and Mascalzone (especially), things must be a little tense.

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