Friday, 13 July 2007

TEAMORIGIN - Reveals New Team Location

TEAMORIGIN reveal a change of location to which communications should be sent.

TEAMORIGIN's website was today updated here to reflect a change of location to which communications with the team should be sent.

The new address is:
Boathouse No.6
HM Naval Base
College Road

A 'boathouse' suggests the team have somewhere to store GBR75 (PKA SUI75), and the core of the shore team have relocated.

So at a time when most teams are being forced into a state of AC stasis due to the current bickering over COR and Protocols, TEAMORIGIN have at least set about making good on their bid.


Anonymous said...

With a postcode of PO1 3PU, Are team origin now based out of Portsmouth? If so, hopefully I can visit them on my upcoming leave!!

Johny Parmenter,
1st Mate,
M/Y Mosaique.

The Editor said...

Well, we want photographs, times, what was said, the works! :)

The Editor said...

h, and having looked at Mosaique on the web, we'd love an invite! Where abouts in the world are you at the moment?

Anonymous said...

We are currently at anchor off the island of Hvar in the Adriatic (Croatias Ibiza!)We will be cruising between Dubrovnik and Venice all summer before heading to the Seychelles this winter. Anyone wanting to charter the boat needs deeeeep pockets but for the rest of us, the web site ( is a view of the other side of life!
Can anyone tell me if Team Origin's new base is open to visitors and is there any merchendising out there yet?
Johny, on M/Y Mosaique.

The Editor said...

I'm not the least bit jealous (it says here!). Fair weather there at the moment, I believe. Well, the pleasure all depends upon good clients, so may they be pleasant and generous.

TeamOrigin is in its infancy and I don't believe it has any merchandising available just yet. They're making themselves available to the public for the first time at the Southampton Boat Show, and I guess they'll want to offer some form of merchandising at that time - although without any announced sponsorship at the moment, that might be a bit of a premature prediction.

Every page of The Afterguard has links to the TeamOrigin website, and I'm sure merchandising will be made available there as soon as possible. We'll cover any news of such events here at the Afterguard, so do bookmark us or subscribe to our RSS feed (we don't want to waste all of your satellite bandwidth!).

I'm sure you can reach the team through their website, and if you do get an invite, do let us know how you got on, and keep us up to speed with what you're up to - happy cruising!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to keep an eye on your page and also TeamOrigin's during the summers cruising. It's been good to talk to you, and hopefully meet you guys at the boat show (if I can get the time off!!).
All the best,
Johny, on M/Y Mosaique

The Editor said...

Hi Johny, you're very welcome.

For the purpose of clarity, The Afterguard is an entirely independent blog in no way associated with the good folk at TeamOrigin - we're simply great fans of the America's Cup and keen to support an entry representing Great Britain.

Take care and hope you get to meet the guys in Southampton.