Monday, 10 September 2007

The Afterguard's America's Cup & TEAMORIGIN Weekend Roundup: 9/9/07

In what will become a regular feature of The Afterguard, we present a weekend round-up of the past week (or so's) events surrounding the America's Cup and TEAMORIGIN.

We pick up where our last recap (Here) left off:

  • Fri 31/8/07 Scuttlebutt featured a Q&A session with ACM's COO Michel Hodara, who got The Afterguard's goat by failing to address the single boat in Challenger Series issue when asked. Here.
  • Sat 1/9/07 Commodore of Royal New Zealand Yacht Club refutes suggestion of SNG 'deal' in GGYC affidavit. BYM Here.
  • Tue 4/9/07 TEAMORIGIN gave their (supportive) position on the 33rd Protocol and ACM's actions in a statement. Here.
  • Wed 5/9/07 ACM had a bit a of a wiggle on today, holding teleconferences and more. They declared that they and Alinghi were moving forward with the 33rd Protocol, and attempted to respond to much of the criticism levelled to the protocol, indicating a wish to return the America's Cup to the romance of the J-Class. Alinghi hopes BMW Oracle Racing will participate. Alinghi's Brad Butterworth answered a number of questions and got The Afterguard's goat by failing to address the single boat in Challenger Series issue when asked. Here.
  • Wed 5/9/07 ACM also reported that Valencia had been officially ratified by all concerned as the venue for the 33rd America's Cup.
  • Wed 5/9/07 Michel Bonnefous announced he was stepping down as CEO of ACM, remaining on board to defend against GGYC litigation.
  • Wed 5/9/07 SNG's written response to GGYC's motion due to be filed.
  • Wed 5/9/07 Alinghi counsel Hamish Ross (helpfully) points out many teams do not have annual regattas or aren't incorporated (meeting a stipulation of Deed of Gift), most notably Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (not incorporated during 5 cycles of the America's Cup).
  • Thur 6/9/07 The Afterguard published its extensive analysis of the recent TEAMORIGIN statement, releasing it's goat over ACM's failure to address the single boat in Challenger Series issue when asked. Here.
  • Thur 6/9/07 Also on Thursday, ACM revealed that United Internet Team Germany had been accepted as the fifth official challenger for the 33rd America's Cup, explaining the apparent delay in confirming the news to 'due diligence'. Here.
    UITG: Applied: 10/8/07 Accepted: 30/8/07 (+20 days). Announced: 6/9/07 (+27 days)
    TEAMORIGIN: Applied: 20/7/07 Accepted: 23/7/07 (+3 days). Announced: 23/7/07 (+3 days)
    We assume due dilligence is a moveable feast? (Source: ACM website/PR)
  • Thur 6/9/07 Alinghi's Brad Butterworth offers explanation of conduct at Farr 40 World Championships - straight from the horse's mouth, for a change. The words 'Teacup', 'storm' and 'in a' spring to mind. BYM Here.
  • Fri 7/9/07 ACM announce the appointment of respected Tom Schnackenberg as 'the class rule and competition regulations consultant for the design consultation period'. Mike Sanderson of TEAMORIGIN said by ACM to be 'satisfied'. Here.
  • Fri 7/9/07 Also on Friday, the ACM appointed Arbitration Panel for the 33rd America's Cup announced its ruling on ACAP 33/01. The panel found it had the competence to rule on its own jurisdiction. CNEV's challenge is valid, and therefore entitled to challenge as COR and SNG obliged to accept. 33rd Protocol complies with Deed of Gift, with a recommendation for points 155 & 156 to be amended. This was not entirely helpful as the listed nomenclature does not correspond t the publicly published 33rd Protocol, requiring observers to await the publication of the full findings. A later update to the statement appearing on ACM's website suggested these items relate to the administration of the Arbitration Panel. We await clarification with much interest. Here.
  • Fri 7/9/07 Alinghi 'delighted' CNEV is valid. Here.
  • Fri 7/9/07 Salvatore Sarno of Team Shosholoza puts forward case for challenging under 33rd Protocol. Doesn't share GGYC's view - 'challenge at sea, not in the courts'. Here.
  • Sat 8/9/07 The Times of London dedicated an article by Andrew Longmore on TEAMORIGIN featuring the thoughts of Mike Sanderson, looking at the forthcoming announcement of team members on Friday 14/9/07. Teasingly, the article names a number of Britain's leading design and crew talent (Ker and Claughton, but also Ainslie), as well as overseas potentials (Juan Kouyoumdjian); it also indicates that Sanderson has had little time to define new relationships, and that therefore the team might look similar to his ABN-Amro Volvo Round The World inner circle. Here.
  • Sun 9/9/07 The Times might have been right with the TEAMORIGIN ABN-Amro connection - Kimball Livingston quotes Stan Honey at TEAMORIGIN. Here.
Forthcoming Attractions:
  • Mon 10/9/07 Initial New York Supreme Court hearing in case of GGYC Vs. SNG before Justice Cahn.
  • Mon 10/9/07 Arbitration Panel publishes ACAP 33/01 papers.
  • Mon 10/9/07 Desafio Español introduces Crew.
  • Thur 13/9/07 Bidding starts in the great ACM car boot sale.
  • Fri 14/9/07 TEAMORIGIN introduces Crew & Design Team at Southampton Boat Show.
  • Sat 15/9/07 Class V6 vessel consultation period starts.
  • Wed 19/9/07 Fuxia Challenge crew apparel launch (no, really).

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