Friday, 24 August 2007

Counting Challengers With Michel Hodara

Michel Hodara, speaking in coverage from European broadcaster RTL, indicated that in addition to the five challenges already declared, there were 'at least a dozen additional challengers' considering competing within the framework of the 33rd Protocol.

A (google) English translation of the original story can be read here.

Now first up, we count:
Desafio Espanol (COR), Emirates Team New Zealand, TeamOrigin and Team Shosholoza as official challengers to date (according to ACM's website). We'll assume that the fifth official entry is in fact the defender, Alinghi.

Twelve others? We can presumably exclude Larry Ellison's BMW Oracle Racing from those happy to work within the 33rd Protocol.

Beyond United Internet Team Germany, who have previously announced their official entry (but remain 'overlooked' at this time by ACM), who can come up with the most accurate list of 11 other contenders?

Oh, and while you're at it, consider the implications of accommodating 'at least' 17 teams in the maximum of 14 bases available at Port America, Valencia. Where did we get that number? Why, from Mr Hodara's interview earlier today with BYM News (here)!

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