Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Sunday Times Prints In-depth Analysis of Sir Keith's Quest

The Sunday Times spent much time in Valencia during the 32nd America's Cup investigating the background and motivation for Sir Keith Mill's bid for glory, TEAMORIGIN.

In a piece quoting amongst others Peter Harrison & Peter de Savary, Sunday Times journalist Russell Miller writes of the reasoning behind TEAMORIGIN under the banner 'The quest for the cup of woe' - read the full article here.

It's a bravado-piece, including quotes from Sir Keith speaking of the team's chances, “Lunatics like me constantly put themselves at risk,... but I would not do it if I did not think we have a great chance of winning", going on to observe, “It always seemed a tragedy to me that Britain has never won the Cup as we have some of the best sailors in the world, the best boat designers and the best marine technology.”

It's an interesting article & well worth a read, at least until next month when Sir Keith is due to announce his team, hopefully of those best sailors and boat designers he talks about!

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